At Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council we want to create a place of aspiration where plans are made and ambitions are achieved. A place that continues to compete on an international stage – a place that rivals the iconic coastal economies elsewhere in Europe and further afield.

A healthy and vibrant place where people can live independently and everyone feels a part of the future BCP Council is trying to create. We have some ambitious priorities which our Chief Executive will support and lead us to achieve:

•    Prioritise the development of a 21st Century City by the sea
•    Support the development of the digital and knowledge economies and promote inward investment
•    Develop an arts and cultural offer with a regional and national appeal
•    Prioritise housing development that supports economic growth and meets local needs
•    Prioritise the improvement of transport links to London and the South East
•    Centralise the delivery of public services in modern facilities
•    Work with higher education providers to drive large scale investment in skills


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